Key Value Observing NSArray and NSDictionary

This is a quick post to share some iOS SDK / Objective-C Key Value Observing tips I've recently discovered. First a very brief introduction to KVO. Key Value Observing provides a »

HTML 5 Experiments

I recently took an hour or two to experiment with some cool new HTML5 / CSS3 techniques. For the first experiment I wanted to mess with CSS3 3D transforms so I »

Dynamically Generate Histogram Images with Node.js and Canvas

As part of a new iOS app I've been working on I had the need to dynamically generate some images to represent some data. I have played a little with »

Node.js tip: Simplify Callbacks

The blog has been relatively quiet lately, so here is a quick post about a little node.js experiment we threw together. Probably the most challenging thing about working with »