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What's in a Name

Here at Streets Ahead we have decided on a somewhat unique product naming scheme. We have started giving our products names that are basically synonyms of bum. The reason for this is that one of our very earliest product ideas was given the name eventBum. The name eventBum comes from event plus album, we'll share more on eventBum later, but basically it is way to create quick albums for any event using your iOS or Android device. This led to our Node.js framework we use to power eventBum, which we decided to call lazyBum, because it embraces the idea of RESTful architecture. We also needed a simple way to do continuous deployment, for this we chose to name our tool drifter, because it moves from place to place. Anyway, that is a little about our naming convention.

Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned to this blog and our twitter feed for more updates. Soon (hopefully this week) we will be offering a sneak peak of our lazyBum framework. We are preparing a quick screen cast showing how to duplicate a poplular web app using lazyBum. In addition we will be releasing our feedBum RSS / ATOM Node.js module later this week.

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