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First Post from iPad!

This is the first ever post from our Vagabond iPad app. A little background about why this is awesome. In our spare hours we've been working to develop a new Node.js MVC REST framework called lazyBum. We used an early version of this framework to build the site your browsing now. One of the key features of our lazyBum framework is that it is trivially easy to create APIs along with your web app. We decided as a cool proof of concept to build out an iPad app to manage our blog using this services API, and today is the first time we're using the app to make a live post.

Source Coming Soon

We are big believers in open source, and in that spirit we will soon be releasing our Node.js lazyBum framework, our Vagabond blogging platform built on lazyBum, MongoDB, and Node.js, and our native iPad app that interacts with Vagabond. Keep an eye in this blog and/or our Twitter account for updates.

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