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On Being Awful in Order To Be Great

For the last five years every year I had the great fortune to get to attend the No Fluff Just Stuff conference held each year in Denver. It is always an amazing conference, and I always leave it feeling energized by all of the new ideas and technology the presenters spoke about. Anyway, Terry attended this years conference this November and he kept me aprisded of all of the interesting things I missed out on, one of those things is a new book by some of the No Fluff speakers, Presentation Patterns, it sounded interesting so I Goolged for it and came accross an article by one of the authors, Neal Ford. In the article he said something that makde me think, he said:

One of the reasons I'm successful today is that I had the opportunity to do it poorly long enough to practice and get better, which is the real key to learning.

This made me start thinking about all the things that I suck at and need to improve, and believe me there are many, however the thing that stuck out to me is: "I had the opportunity to do it..." That hit a little close to home for me because I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve, reading books, practicing little things here and there, but I started thinking about how rarely I have actual skin in the game. I am usually playing on such a small scale that if I fail I fail silently, and if I happen to succeed and do well no one is really around to see that either.

Alright, so with all of that said I am writing this as sort of a promise, that I am going to start working as hard as I can to get the opportunity to be bad at the things I'm bad at. Unfortunately I don't think its all that easy to get the opportunity to do something your bad at, at least not on a meaningful level. That is the second reason for this post, one of the things I need to improve at is writing and communicating, and, well I guess you have to start somewhere. For me that means resurecting our blog. We don't get a lot of readers but from here on out I am planning to start working hard to change that. I guess the only last thing I have to say for now is, stay tuned if you're interested in watching me try to fail as fantastically as I can, and if you're in a position to give someone the opportunity to do something their bad at, but passionate about, give them a chance to suck for a while.

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