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Reading List (Pt. 2)

On the heels of my colleague's post on his reading list, I thought I'd also take the easy way out for today's post. While I'm not nearly as well read as my colleague, here are the most recent books I've read.

Linchpin by Seth Godin

This is one that is on my colleague's TO READ list. So here's one I actually punch to (suck on that Sam). But it really is a great read that I highly recommend. For any frustrated with the way things are it provides a great insight into the way the business world is changing, and challenging yourself to not give into your Lizard Brain and learn to stand out and be exceptional (read indispensable).

15 Minutes Including Q & A

I - like many of you - have sat through endless presentations. Almost every one has been mind-numbingly painful. This book is a quick read - and a MUST read for anyone who needs to present to a group. The problem far too often is that people start with the PowerPoint then figure out what they're going to say. This book emphasizes the opposite. Your message is what's vital this book helps you get to it within the attention span of a normal person.

Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web by David Siegel

I have over the past year acquired a great interest in the semantic web and this book has certainly fueled that passion. It was recommended by a speaker at a conference I recently attended and it was well worth the read. It paints a picture of what's possible - and in some cases already starting to happen - when we start marking-up the web with meaningful metadata. Fair Warning: If you're anything like me, you'll be angered by the solutions we should already have but are too slow to adopt.

In Queue

If you've read anything good lately, please leave a comment.

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